Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tory Burch Classic Reva Ballet Flat in Black/Gold - size 6

I've wanted these flats for so long! I've added it to my NORDSTROM shopping cart hundreds of times over the years. There was never a good time for me to splurge and spend $195 for a pair of black flats. I finally decided to stop lusting over them and just bought them. So glad I did! I absolutely love how these feel. Right when I put these on, I felt immediate comfort. 

I purchased these online on for $195.00. I purchased these in January and NOW they are $225! No joke! Why did they raise the price? I don't think I'll get another pair real soon. I chose the black with the gold emblem. The gold was more "me" and it'll match with my gold accessories. 

I purchased these in a size 6. I normally wear a size 6. I've read reviews online and people said to buy a half a size up. I don't think is true. I highly recommended trying on the size you normally wear. It worked for me!

Yes, I finally purchased these but I have not worn them out of my apartment yet. Reason is.... IT'S SNOWING! First winter I've ever experienced with snow so I'm not wearing these shoes until the weather starts to clear. Crazy, right? Well, I don't want them to be ruined. 

Perfect shoes for the simple person! I love the way they feel. I don't feel like I have to break them in. The back of the shoe looks intimidating. I used to work for Michael Kors, and he has similar flats. THOSE WERE INSTANTLY uncomfortable so I never bought them. These feel so soft and extremely comfortable. I highly recommend these flats. 

Perfect pairing would be with my J.Crew Pixie Pants and a cute sweater. 

So if you're like me and are questioning purchasing these shoes.... just do it!



  1. I was at Nordstroms yesterday and they still had the classic black with silver medallion Revas for $195.00 I was so tempted to buy them but I bought another pair of Tory Burch Eddie flats instead. These ones

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Ahh wish you didn't tell me! Now I want to get another pair. Well... the next pair I'm going to get are the Caroline flats in Camellia pink. Love those!

    2. The Carolines are pretty awesome. I guess it won't surprise you that I have a pair of the camellia pink Carolines. These are mine

  2. Hey my Tory Burch friend. I must share with you my latest TB score. Now that the Reva are $225 finding them on sale seem like a steal. I bought these blue nile leather with gold medallion Revas on sale yesterday. YAY!

    Hope things are well

  3. Hope your TB Reva flats are still working well for you, I still love mine. I recently expanded my TB flats collection to include the new Tory Burch Minnie travel ballet flats. Have you seen these? They look identical to the Reva but have a much softer, less structured upper and a super duper comfy cushioned sole. I still love my Reva, Carolines and other Tory styles but these Minnie are the most comfy. Here's my collection if you are interested;

    Hope you are well.