Thursday, April 4, 2013

ZARA - Leather Sandals- Size 6

Zara Basics - Leather Sandal
Retails for $79 (no tax and free shipping *my favorite*)

I was looking for a pair of these shoes. This was the best one I have found. Steve Madden makes a similar one but this one was more "me." These are pretty pricey but it's a staple in your closet and you are sure to wear these years to come. I had always worn shoes with a platform because they are so comfortable. I'm not sure how these are going to work for me but I absolutely love how sleek these look.

These shoes go with everything. No joke. You can literally wear these shoes and totally transform the look. I can put together an outfit and automatically go to these shoes. It will work. I am so in love with them I can't even explain. I do admit there is one flaw. My toes are falling forward. Totally don't like that look at all. I purchased foot petals to put where the balls of the feet would be just so I'll stop slipping forward. Other than that, I love these shoes! You MUST get these just to have as a staple item in your closet.


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