Monday, May 27, 2013

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30 and NARS Sheer Glow Stromboli Foundation Comparison

With flash LEFT: MAC NC30  RIGHT: NARS Stromboli


MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation in NC30 and NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Stromboli is a good match.

I first used MAC Studio fix fluid foundation for years. I heard so many great things about NARS Sheer Glow back in 2010, so I knew I had to try it. Luckily for me, I got it as a birthday present three years ago. Since then, I've had three bottles. I am currently using my third bottle of NARS Sheer Glow! These shades are really close to one another. I think that NARS has a better formula because it's easier to blend. 

Both foundations have strong yellow undertones. NARS Sheer Glow is my absolute favorite foundation.

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MAC's Lipglass in Underage

$15 at MAC

MAC Lipglass

Doe Foot Applicator
Left: Creme Cup Right: Underage Lipglass
I normally use MAC's lipglass in C-Thru. I wanted to try something new. Underage was highly recommended to me so I decided to try it out. I definitely love it over all of my nude lipsticks. I purchased this product from Bloomingdales for $15.

I pair this lipgloss with my Creme Cup lipstick.

MAC lipglasses are known to be sticky. This one is not an exception. It is sticky and my hair always gets caught in it. Regardless, I love the color!


NARS Sheer Glow Pump

I've owned three bottles of NARS Sheer Glow foundations. The one gripe I had about this foundation was that it didn't come with a pump. I felt like I would pour too much foundation out of the bottle. I finally decided after three bottles to get a pump for this foundation. I honestly feel that the pump should come with the foundation. The pump was $8.00. I still can't believe I paid $8 for a pump but I'm finally glad I have it.

I find that the pump is very helpful. I feel like I'm not wasting the product and getting the appropriate amount I actually need.

I purchased mine from Bloomingdales online for $8.00


MAC Creme Cup Lipstick

I love MAC lipsticks. Particularly, I basically only wear nude lipsticks. Recently I wanted to try a new lipstick that was more towards the pink shades. I've had a pink lipstick in the past from MAC but it never really suited me. I used to own Angel but it never really suited my NC30 skintone. It always washed me out. I think Angel washed me out because it has a frost finish. Frost finishes are my least favorite lipsticks. Creme cup is a cremesheen. It's not very pigmented but it does give a glossy and creamy finish. Creme cup is the perfect pink nude shade. You can wear it on its own or wear it with a lipgloss to give it a more milky color.

Creme cup is my new favorite lipstick. I pair it with MAC's lipglass in Underage. This lipstick is the perfect shade for nude shade lovers who want a pink lipstick.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick #1 Nude Beige

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in 1 Nude Beige

Retails for $34 at Sephora

The name of the lipstick is only on the box. Only the number remains on the actual lipstick.

The packaging is beautiful! It's pretty heavy for a lipstick.

The shade of lipstick matches pretty well to the color on the packaging.

Shade #1

Smooth formula.


ysl and lancome's juicy tube

Lancome Juicy Tube in Spring Fling

TOP: Ysl Nude Beige BOTTOM: Lancome Juicy Tube in Spring Fling

closer up
LEFT: ysl nude beige lipstick RIGHT: Lancome Juicy Tube in Spring Fling
I found my new favorite nude lip combination. I really wanted a YSL lipstick because of how pretty the packaging. I of course chose a nude shade since that's basically the only lipstick color I use. The YSL lipstick glides on flawlessly on the lips. There is a distinct fragrance but I honestly can't put my finger on it. It smells good though and it isn't overbearing.

I also picked up another tube of Lancome's Juicy Tube in Spring Fling. I have used this lipgloss for years! I haven't had it in a while so I decided to pick it up at Sephora. It retails for $18. It isn't sticky and it the perfect color. It has a slight pink tint but doesn't change the color of the lipstick. You can wear this on its own or on top of other lip products.

When I apply the YSL lipstick, I lightly tap it all over my lips. No need to swipe because this would apply waaay too much product. The lipstick itself doesn't have the best staying power BUT with an added lipgloss, it allows it to last longer. I absolutely love this mix of a lipstick and the lipgloss. The lipstick itself smells so good!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jelly Flat Thong Sandals - MK Sondra

I know these seem so boujie of me to buy but I've wanted Michael Kors' Jelly Sandals ever since I worked for that store in 2011. These always looked so comfortable to wear whenever my coworkers would change from their heels to their jelly sandals. Almost two years later, I finally got a pair for myself. I no longer work for Michael Kors but I still love most of his products.

These sandals are very versatile. I plan on styling these with a long maxi skirt or dress. I could definitely wear these with shorts in the summer.

These run true to size. I wear a size 6 so I naturally I bought them in a 6. I purchased mine on Bloomingdales' website. They retail for $59 but when I purchased them, they were having a 20% F&F sale.

These are absolutely comfortable to wear. I love the way to look. Even though they are made of PVC, they still look extremely classy. I wore these on my two year anniversary date with my boyfriend. Walking around Georgetown was so helpful with these sandals. They were actually really comfortable to wear. We walked around all over Georgetown. I am very happy with my purchase!


My Favorite Foundation: NARS Sheer Glow in Stromboli (NC30/NC35 Match)


This foundation is my all time favorite foundation. My mom and my sister got this for me for my 23rd birthday (ALMOST THREE YEARS AGO). This is my third bottle of this foundation and I really can't be without it. I can rely on this foundation for special occasions or for whenever I want a flawless face. This foundation has everything I need in a foundation. I have worn this foundation on anniversaries, nights out in Vegas, weddings, and other various special occasions. This is perfect for flash photography. There is no embarrassing white cast to worry about. This foundation is also perfect to wear in the summer. I can sweat in the summer heat here in Washington D.C. but it stays on my face! It also lasted an entire day at Disneyland in the summer. I can't complain. The staying power is amazing.

My skin type is dry to combination. I recently found this out. I know that my face is usually dry but throughout the day it tends it get oily around my forehead and my nose. I tend to gravitate towards foundations that claim to be long-wearing. This was a huge mistake. Foundations that claim to be "24 hours" or "longwearing" don't work for me. Any foundation that claims to be long wearing usually dries out the skin to absorb oils. This is probably why I don't like the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation or the Revlon Colorwhipped foundation too much. These foundations are better suited for oily skin. My skin absorbs the makeup and my skin looks extremely patchy. I need foundations that are meant for normal to dry skin. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in meant for people with normal to dry skin or very dry skin types.

I wear the color Stromboli. This shade is described as medium with olive undertones. It has strong yellow undertones. If you were to compare this shade to a MAC shade it would have to be NC30 in the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. This blends into my skin perfectly. It doesn't look like I'm wearing a mask or makeup.

NARS Claims that this foundation enhances your complexion without creating a mask on your face. Very very true. Though this foundation does not claim that it is long-wearing, it  really is! It's long-wearing without drying out my face. Very rare for a foundation that does last hours. Okay, this is gross but I did fall asleep in this foundation the other day. I was too lazy to take off my makeup and I knew I had work the next morning. When I woke up, I just decided to work through the day with my makeup on. I know this is sooooo gross but I honestly woke up and saw that my foundation stayed on. I stayed up pretty late the night before. Of course I washed my face and showered after work BUT this just goes to show how awesome the staying power is. Okay moving on....

I apply this foundation with an Elf Flat Top Powder brush OR MAC's 187 brush. Recently, I've been loving the Elf brush to apply it because it makes the application a lot easier. The foundation blends so easily. It feels so soft on the skin and it gives me a slight "natural" looking glow. I feel like I don't have to apply concealer. It truly evens out my complexion and it makes my face look flawless. I still choose to wear concealer even though it isn't really necessary. I still add a little bit of MAC's Studio Finish Concealer in NW25 under the eyes. I set this foundation with MAC's MSF Natural in Medium plus on my forehead and my nose.

I recently purchased my third bottle December 2012. It WAS $42 at the time but I just checked Sephora and now it's $44. Disappointed that the price went up but I know I will still continue to purchase it because it has been my perfect foundation.

I highly highly highly recommend this foundation! It is the best foundation I have ever tried and I have not tried another foundation that comes close. I really need to stop foundation shopping when I know I have found my perfect match.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

elf Small Stipple Brush

I recently went to Target and just browsed the elf section.  I was going to pick up another elf flat top powder brush but I found this cutie! It's so little. I am going to definitely use this for applying liquid concealer like my MAC Select Cover Up Concealer. I usually use my fingers to blend it out but I hate having product on my hands while applying makeup. I eventually get the handles of all of my brushes dirty. This was only $3 and I think it's going to be perfect for application of concealer.

I use this daily for my concealers. I think it is necessary to wash this brush often though because when the concealer dries on the brush it creates streaks on my face.

I really like this brush! Definitely worth the $3


How I remove my makeup (Sonia Kashuk Eyemakeup Remover & Target Up and Up wipes)

This is honestly the greatest two products I have ever used to remove my makeup. Keep in mind, I don't wear much lip products or eyeshadow but it definitely removed my eyeliner, mascara, and foundation perfectly.

Target Up&Up makeup remover wipes work just as well as the Pond's makeup remover wipes. I used the Pond's wipes for years but I found that the Target wipes are just as good and they're cheaper!

The Sonia Kashuk eyemakeup remover works so well! I used to use Lancome's eye makeup remover for years but it was just too expensive to purchase. I found this one at Target about two years ago and I LOVE IT. It's gentle on the eyes. No matter how much I put on my eyes, it won't sting. I do notice that the package has changed but the product has not. All I do is shake up the bottle and apply a little bit of product on a cotton round. It removes ALL of my eye makeup completely. Using the makeup wipes help break the makeup down but the Sonia Kashuk makeup remover completely removes all remaining eye makeup. This retails for about $10 at Target.

I ran out of the Sonia Kashuk eye makeup remover last year. Instead of buying another bottle, I made the mistake of purchasing L'Oreal's eye makeup remover. WHAT A MISTAKE!!! This product stung my eyes and it didn't even really take off my eyeliner. It took so long for me to finish a bottle of the L'Oreal remover because I hated using it. I just felt like it would be a waste to just throw it away. I finally finished it and repurchased by trustworthy Sonia Kashuk makeup remover.