Sunday, September 15, 2013

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Mini Satchel with Gusset - Black

Phillip Lim for Target
Released 9.15.13

Phillip Lim for Target Mini Satchel - Black
Pretty little bag

I love the pebbling on the material. 

Smooth and functioning zipper.

Love the Phillip Lim signature.

I loooove the price! I know it's not real leather but Phillip Lim did a great job on this bag design.

Retails for $34.99.

The cutest little bag ever! I am absolutely in love with this bag. It's really small so if you were expecting it to look similar to the medium size, then no... it's mini. I love the mini! It is sooo adorable. It comes with a crossbody strap. I'm 5'4 and even when it's adjusted to the smallest hole, it still hits me right under my hip. 

Phillip Lim really did an amazing job with this collection allowing his creative ideas from his main line to shine through this collaboration with Target. This will probably be the closest I will get to owning something from Phillip Lim. Score!


This Phillip Lim for Target release has been on my mind for a while now. I could not wait to finally get my hands on that mini satchel! 

I really love this bag and I am so glad I snagged one when I did. I stayed up late last night hoping I could get it online BUT failed. I fell asleep! Goodness...what was I thinking?!? So I woke up early this morning... jumped out of bed... and left! Literally just left. 

There were so many girls at Target! I couldn't believe it. Everyone was crowded around the Phillip Lim collection and I was starting to look disappointed because I couldn't find the items I wanted.

After a few seconds of quick browsing, this girl put back the Mini Satchel right in front of me! Like hello? Really? You're putting it back? Okay. I'll take it lol...Right when I saw it, I grabbed it (along with the this one) and walked away. Paid. Done. 

It was kind of sad to see people fill up their carts with items that we all know you're just going to resell on eBay. Give the Lim Lovers a chance! For example, my sister really wanted one as well. Since I live on the east coast, I was going to snag one for her here. But since the eBay vultures struck the Target near my house, I had to make sure my sister woke up to get to hers on the west coast. She told me there was a looooong line outside her Target in Seattle. She felt like she wasn't going to get one. We woke up our brother in California to try and get my sister one and he went to the one in SJ. He was really sweet and tried to get one for her. So crazy how quickly things sold out. Literally sold out within minutes! He was unsuccessful but my sister was lucky enough to snag hers! 

Such a thrilling morning. I'm so glad we both have one! 

I might go back to Target just to see what else I can get. This has been an amazing collection. A job well done Target. Have a good week everyone!


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