Saturday, September 28, 2013

L'Oreal LeMatte Color Riche Velvety Full Coverage Lipcolor in MATTE-R OF FACT

L'Oreal Color Riche Velvety Full Coverage Lip Color in MATTE-R OF FACT.

Found this @ Target and it retails for $7.99

Deep Berry/Wine/Red Shade

Matte Finish (Satin finish..almost)

Size Comparison

It looks like it has a bit of sheen but once it dries on the lips, it looks matte (satin)
I have been on the search for these lipsticks ever since the youtube hype started. People would rave about it so naturally, I NEEDED one lol.

The color applies opaque and leaves a nice satin matte finish. My lips get extremely chapped and dry so this formula isn't the greatest BUT I do love the color. It is very similar to MAC's Media lipstick as far as the shade goes.

The one gripe I have about this lipstick is that is has that L'Oreal lipstick smell. I can't really explain it but let's just say I'm not too fond of the smell. Once you wear the lipcolor, the smell is gone :) 

This lipstick is pretty good and I highly recommend it if you can get your hands on one. This shade especially is beautiful. It stained my lips after removing it. It stayed on my lips even after eating cheesecake factory :) It's a good one. 

Okay, now, go to Target or wherever else it's sold and buy it now! 

Still on the search for a Lalaque shade in Laque-onic. It looks like an amaaaaaazing red. Couldn't find it at a Target near me.. The search continues.

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