Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MARC JACOBS Genius Gel Foundation in Beige Medium (MAC NC30 Foundation Match) - Not for dry skin

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation $48

Chic glass bottle with a plastic lid. Contains 1 fl. oz.

34 Beige Medium (Matches MAC NC30 foundation)

It has a pump. This is love.

Okay, if you've read my previous post about me attempting to finish my Tarte foundation then you've probably seen that this foundation was next on my list. So, I didn't finish my Tarte foundation but I used quite a bit of it. I obviously don't have self control when it comes to beauty products so I got the Marc Jacobs Foundation. :X

I finally got my hands on this foundation. As of now, this foundation is only available at Sephora stores. I had THE hardest time trying to get this foundation. Not because it was unavailable but rather it was impossible to get to! The product was behind the display but it soooo hard to get it out. I don't know if you all had this issue at Sephora, but yeah... that was annoying.

I had to try this foundation as soon as I got home. I was matched to Beige Medium. It has great yellow tones that correlate well with my MAC NC30 skin tone. If you're an NC30, then this may be a good shade for you.

The consistency of this foundation is very similar to the Urban Decay Naked Skin. It's very liquidy and runny. Unlike the Urban Decay Naked Skin, this foundation is very light coverage. What I liked about the UD Naked Skin foundation is that it was light but still gave FULL coverage. This foundation however, is clearly light to medium. It claims to be buildable to a full coverage but I don't agree. I used three pumps of the foundation just to achieve a medium coverage. No big deal. I still like it. I personally am not used to the light coverage.

I noticed that this foundation has a slight fragrance, which I tend not to like. The smell isn't overbearing personally. It smells kind of "fresh"...sorry i can't describe scents well....

I am one to stay away from perfumes because I am prone to headaches but this foundation's scent wasn't too bad at all. The scent also fades away once applied so no big deal.

I apply this foundation with my Elf Flat Top brush but I feel like the brush is absorbing the foundation like crazy because I keep having to add more foundation. Soooo.... I just ordered the Original Beauty Blender at Sephora and I'm HOPING that it'll work better. The brush worked but it wasn't my favorite... *please work $20 make up sponge*

This foundation looks great in photos and applies well with the beauty blender. I actually fell so in love with my beauty blender and it has totally made me switch up the tools I use for my foundation routine. I have used it on other foundations lately and I love it!

Unfortunately, this foundation did cause my chin to start forming acne like bumps and I NEVER get pimples or blemishes like this. I was hoping it wasn't the Marc Jacobs foundation. I initially thought it was the beauty blender causing my bumps. After discontinuing using the MJ Genius Gel Foundation, I noticed my skin starting to get better. I continued to use the beauty blender on my other foundations and no new bumps. Also, I noticed that my skin started to look very dry when I used the foundation. I especially noticed it around my eyes.  I had to return the Marc Jacobs foundation. If you have dry skin, I do not recommend this foundation. This may be better for those with oily skin. I'm so sad it didn't work out for me.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

RiRi [HEARTS] MAC Lipstick in Riri Woo (Fall Collection)

Riri Woo Lipstick

Riri Hearts Mac Fall Collection

I am so happy I actually got something the day of the online release! Silly me. I should have read blogs or did more research. All I saw was that the collection was going to release 12pm EST on September 30th. I went online right away but noticed I couldn't see the collection. Apparently there was a "waiting room." I had no idea what that was about. After constantly refreshing my screen for two hours (big mistake), I gave up!

When I got off from work I logged on and was surprised to see that this lipstick was still available on MAC's website. Didn't hesitate and picked it up. After just 3 quick days, I finally had her in my possession. Isn't she lovely?

Haven't tried it on yet. Just taking some time to enjoy this baby!

I also picked up the lipglass as well. It just came in today! Pics to come soon.

Did you guys get anything from the collection?


Friday, October 4, 2013

L'Oreal - LaLaque Color Riche Lipstick in Laque-Onic

LaLaque Color Riche Lipstick in Laque-Onic


shiny and so pretty on the lips.

Hello All,

FINALLY! ... Finally finally finally! Thanks to my little sister for finding this and sending it to me all the way from Seattle! I am so so so happy I finally have this! It has been sold out here for so so long. Every time I went to Target, I would look for it. To my disappointment, it was never in stock. Sold out. EVERYWHERE. EVERY TIME.

The most beautiful shiny red lip color! Still has that smell that I am not fond of but no worries I still love it. The color is so vibrant and shiny. The most shiny red lip color I have ever seen. The one thing I don't like is how I can find little red spots on my teeth. I'm sure I just have to wait to let it dry.

I recommend you buy this if you can find it! It's pretty.

Read my review on the LeMatte Shade in 'Matte-r of Fact' [HERE]


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NARS Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer

NARS Pro Prime

I obviously love this product

Literally squeezing out what I have left of the primer.

I bought this primer mannny many many years ago. Back in 2010 the packaging used to be white. When I ran out of that one, I searched EVERYWHERE for it. I thought NARS discontinued it but I come to find out that they changed the packaging. Thank goodness! I purchased this bottle December 2011! I am still using to this day October 2013!

You literally need the tiniest amount to cover your face. This is probably why it lasted so long.

This primer makes my foundation last hours and allows a flawless application. I plan on buying this again! The price did increase since the last time I purchased it but I do love it.

What I love about it is that it's oil free. There is no odor. It's soft and smooth and applies great on the skin. I use my fingers to apply it before my foundation.

This product will forever be in my makeup collection. It works so well. I couldn't recommend this product enough. I've tried many primers in the past and this one has to be my favorite!

It costs $34 now at Sephora. I remember when it was just $30 and that was still a lot. *sigh*

NARS is one of my all time favorite brands of makeup. Everything I have tried so far has been worth the money. It's worth the investment.


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation in Light Medium (NC30 Foundation Match) Updated Review

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation in Light Medium

Light Medium
I purchased this foundation months ago and I have been using it on and off in hopes to LOVE it. I unfortunately cannot find room in my heart (and my makeup collection) for this foundation. Essentially, it would have been the perfect foundation if it really did last. It matches my skintone perfectly. I usually wear a MAC NC30/35 or NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Stromboli for color reference.

Original Post [HERE] (not much has changed)

I have dry skin that tends to get oily around the t-zone area on my face. This foundation applies beautifully but as the day goes, the foundation wears off. It especially wears off of my nose. This is so weird. No matter how much powder (or how often I powder) my nose, it still wears off. It doesn't work for ME.

The consistency of this foundation is very similar to Revlon's Colorstay 24 Whipped Foundation. I didn't like that one either.

Just as an update I am really really really trying very very hard to use up this foundation. I use it when I go to school or when I run errands. I would never trust this foundation for a nice evening out and especially when photography is going to take place. I'll stick to my NARS Sheer Glow for that.

I am determined to finish this, just because I have it. I wouldn't recommend this foundation personally because I think there are so many other foundations out there that seem to work so much better.

I am hoping to finish this foundation soon so I can justify getting the Marc Jacob's Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation... but for $48 I better use up the foundations I have now. *self control*
You will be next <3

Until next time,