Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder (Loose) - Translucent Crystal

NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder in the Loose Form ($34)

Love the packaging. Same NARS material that they use on all of their products.

Only comes in one shade - Translucent Crystal

Comes in a jar.

*TIP* Don't remove the whole sticker! Too much product will come out if you do.

Okay, this is good. Only half of the sticker off. Just the right amount.

I haven't had a translucent powder since the MAC Prep and Prime (back in 2009). Once I finished that powder, I didn't feel the need to repurchase. About a year later, I got a sample of the MUFE HD Powder and I really did not like it. It made me look really ashy and you can definitely tell I had that white powder on my face in flash photography. Not a good look. What drew me to this product by NARS was how finely milled the powder was. It melted right into my skin and didn't settle. I tried this out with flash photography and I must say that it works great. I don't use it all over my face. I just apply it on my forehead and on my nose. I don't really get oily so putting this all over my face isn't necessary.

I say, for the $34 it is worth it. I really really really have been enjoying this product lately. I don't wear it everyday but on days where I want my makeup to last all day…I will use it. I mean I literally will wear makeup all day. From 8am all the way until 11pm since I work two jobs on the weekends.

TIP: Don't over use this. I just apply this on my nose and forehead where I get oils. If you overdo it you might look a little ashy and white in photos.


NARS Brush - #21 Ita Brush

I LOVE THIS BRUSH! So easy to contour. I can totally tell the difference when I use this brush rather than using any other brush. The line applies on straight but you can easily blend this out with the brush. I purchased this brush online at Bloomingdales for $39. I have been lusting over this brush for sooooo long! I am proud to say that I am finally the owner of this NARS brush. The hairs on this brush is so soft and feels so nice on the skin. As far as what it actually does, it is above par. It applies every bronzer/contour shade perfectly. I have used this brush on various bronzers/contours and I have not been more impressed with a brush before. Do not hesitate getting this!

The brush is very lightweight and the shape is so unique. The material of the brush is the same rubbery type material that they use on their products. It will get dirty! 

I have used this with NARS' bronzer in Casino (one of my all time favorites). I tap the brush over the bronzer and it picks up so much product. I even had to tap some off. No biggie. I apply the bronzer in the hallows of my cheeks (as I would normally do). Then I move the brush up and down along the line to blend it out. Tada!!! All done.

Hope this helps your decision if you were thinking about buying it. I love it so much!

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard (Good for NC30/NC35 Skintones)

I really wanted to try a new concealer and people have been raving about this NARS concealer. I figure, since I love NARS Sheer Glow so much, I might as well try the concealer from NARS. I chose the shade custard because it was recommended to me from a sales associate from Sephora. I normally wear a MACNC30 or NARS Sheer Glow in Stromboli. This retails for $28 and I must say that it is worth it. It conceals my under eye circles and brightens them as well. It's very creamy and goes really well with NARS Sheer Glow.

It lasts all day and it has not creased on me. I've heard it crease on other people but for me and my skin, it is perfect. I would definitely recommend this concealer for those with dry skin or for those who love NARS Sheer Glow.

I would normally use MAC's Studio Finish Concealer but I felt like that really dried my under eyes. This concealer does not dry them out at all. It retails for $28. I got it during Sephora's VIB sale and got 20% off but honestly, I would still get this without the discount. It's really that good.

UPDATE 3/23/14: I have been using this on and off since I bought it. I highly highly recommend storing it standing up. I thought I had run out of the concealer but found it strange since it usually takes me about a year to finish one (if not longer). Store it standing up so you can get the most product out of it. $28, you want to get your money's worth.


REVLON- Black Cherry Lipstick

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry

477 Black Cherry

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Shame

See how even that swatch is? It's smooth and applies much nicer than the Revlon lipstick.

I was very interested in this shade from watching videos online. I have a few shades similar to this from MAC and Urban Decay. To me, it is very similar to Urban Decay's Revolution Lipstick in Shame and MAC's Media. This Revlon lipstick is very similar as far as shade and it's only about $4 at drugstores. This lipstick however dries out my lips. It's beautiful on initially BUT I do find it dries out my lips very quickly. I highly recommend wearing this with a lip balm under.

I love the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick formulas. It's very hydrating and lasts a long time. This shade is very similar but the formula isn't there. It's still a good lipstick for the price but I'd prefer to use the Urban Decay lipstick or MAC.

I love the gold and black packaging and it's easily accessible. It's available in all drugstores that sell Revlon.

read my review on Urban Decay's Lipstick in Shame [here]


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation in Medium 54 (M54 - NC30/NC35 Foundation Match)

Kat Von D lock-it tattoo foundation M54

MAC NC35/NC30 Foundation Matche is M54. Works great for me!

Great coverage. Lasts all day. Matte Finish. Love it.

Built in pump.

Shade differences. Looks so different but surprisingly matches. Try it out at Sephora!
I bought this foundation in January of this year for $34 at Sephora. I was looking for a foundation with full coverage that would look good in pictures. This is perfect. It applies to evenly on the skin and gives flawless coverage. It is VERY VERY VERY thick. A little goes a long way. I apply this foundation with my beauty blender or my elf flat top face brush. Both work great to apply this foundation.

This foundation does look light in the swatch BUT it does oxidize! Be very cautious when you pick out your shade. I recommend getting a sample and trying it out first. This applies so light on the skin but after a few minutes of being set, it looks darker so it does match my skin perfectly. I normally wear a MAC NC30 in the winter and more of an NC35 in the summer and it works all year round.

This foundation lasts all day and it is matte. I still apply a setting powder though just to make it last longer. Without the additional powder, I do think it can separate on my nose and near my smile lines. I wear this at my second job at a restaurant and it lasts throughout my 6-7 hour shifts.

I love this foundation and I do plan on getting it again when I run out. I have had this since January and I feel like I have so much product left. Remember, a little goes a long way.


Benefit Rockateur Review and Swatch

Benefit Rockateur Blush

Rockateur Blush ($28)

5.0g (0.17) of product

A normal box o'powder blush is 8.0g. What's up with that deficit?

Love this pink/peach shimmer shade

It comes with a typical brush that is tapered. I actually like how the brush applies the blush.
Swatch. Nice shimmer sheen over of color. It gives a nice pink sheen to the skin.

Another blush by Benefit! I can't believe I actually buy blushes now. This blush gives a light rosy pink shimmer on the skin. Very similar to Coralista by Benefit. Coralista is obviously more coral but both similar in the sense that it gives a nice sheen.

This retails for $28 like the other Benefit powders but for some reason this one only comes with 5.0g of product while the others come with 8.0g. I don't understand why there is a deficit. Maybe it's because this product has an embossed design that says "ROCK" in it. I have no idea. I actually didn't notice this until I saw reviews online. I don't mind it too much but I would have preferred to have all of the 8.0g of product.

This product also has the same smell as Coralista. I hate products with fragrance but I must say that it doesn't bother me at all. Once you open the box, you can definitely smell it. It isn't overwhelming and once applied to the skin, the smell disappears.

I am glad to add this to my small blush collection. I do recommend this blush if you love Coralista. It is very similar but slightly different. I highly recommend this product but it isn't necessary if you have Coralista already.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 9, 2013: NEW POSTS

I finally have a little time off this morning so I decided to FINALLY update my blog before I start studying and doing my homework assignments. I've had these products for a while and took pictures of them a while ago as well. Hope you enjoy!

[BCBGeneration Make Your Own Affirmation Bracelet]

BCBGeneration Make Your Own Affirmation Bracelet

I love BCBGeneration Affirmation bracelets. My cousins and I have so many and you can almost guarantee we are wearing them. When we found out that we can make our own sayings, I knew I had to get one. The strap costs $12 and each letter costs $2.50.

I decided to get my boyfriends name. So many things to choose from. I'll wait to get another one but I think the next one I get will say "PENNY", my dog's name :) The one thing that I don't like is the closure of the bracelet. It's really difficult to put on. The regular affirmation bracelets have a snap closure that I love but I guess it makes sense not to have the snap closure to be able to remove and rearrange the letters.

If you don't know what affirmation bracelets are from BCBGeneration, it's basically bracelet's with fun/trendy words. Check them out here on their website. Make your own here.


NARS Sheer Glow Foundation: Out with the old, in with the new.

NARS Sheer Glow in Stromboli is hands down my all time favorite foundation! I have used this for years and I honestly have lost count as to how many bottles I have owned. Last month, I was able to get another bottle because I noticed I was running really low. I need to always have this foundation in my collection.

Just wanted to give an update just to show that I actually use this foundation over and over again.

Medium coverage but easily appears to be full. Concealer isn't really needed. Skin looks flawless and skin tone looks even. I use either a beauty blender or the ELF flat top powder brush to apply this. So easy to blend on the skin. No scent, no SPF, looks great in photos. Perfect foundation for me! I have dry skin. This foundation is actually geared to those with dry skin but I have read reviews that it can work for oily skin as well.

I use the shade in Stromboli which is a great shade match to MAC NC30/NC35.

If you're new to my blog:
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Read my review of the foundation [here].

Benefit Haul: Hoola and Coralista Box O'Powders

I picked these up at Ulta. They retail for $28 each. At the time Ulta was having a F&F sale so I decided that I needed to get these. These have been on my wish list for so long but they are so expensive. If ULTA or Sephora has a sale, take advantage! Go to Sephora now if you're a VIB. 20% off for those who are VIB!

Packaging: I love it and I think it's cute. I'm just afraid that the boxes are going to look so worn and torn, especially at the corners. For now, I keep them nicely away in my drawer. I'm sure when I do travel with them, the packaging is going to look dented. Oh well whatever.

Hoola: Hoola is a great bronzer. I currently use NARS' Bronzer in Casino and I love that for going out at night. It's nice and dark and contours my face just the way I want it. For the day time, I find that it looks really harsh (like I'm trying too hard). Hoola is great for daytime wear. I find that it gives my face shape without looking too done up. I have used this at work several times and I really love the way it looks. It shows up beautifully and goes well with every foundation I have used. I apply this with my MAC 187 stippling brush.

Coralista: I have been wanting this for soooo long. I NEVER EVER, NOT EVER choose to wear blush. The main reason why I love wearing full coverage foundation is to hide my naturally flushed cheeks. I really don't like my cheek color naturally lol. But for some reason, I was drawn to this shade. What's great about it is that it's a nice peachy/pink shade that is so subtle and just gives a nice sheen to the cheeks. It's like a perfect mix of a blush and a highlighter. I will continue to use this daily. I have instantly fallen in love with this product. I highly recommend it. I think it will work great all skin tones. I apply this with MAC's 129 blush brush.

I starting to really love Benefit products btw. Any suggestions as to other products I should try?