Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NARS Brush - #21 Ita Brush

I LOVE THIS BRUSH! So easy to contour. I can totally tell the difference when I use this brush rather than using any other brush. The line applies on straight but you can easily blend this out with the brush. I purchased this brush online at Bloomingdales for $39. I have been lusting over this brush for sooooo long! I am proud to say that I am finally the owner of this NARS brush. The hairs on this brush is so soft and feels so nice on the skin. As far as what it actually does, it is above par. It applies every bronzer/contour shade perfectly. I have used this brush on various bronzers/contours and I have not been more impressed with a brush before. Do not hesitate getting this!

The brush is very lightweight and the shape is so unique. The material of the brush is the same rubbery type material that they use on their products. It will get dirty! 

I have used this with NARS' bronzer in Casino (one of my all time favorites). I tap the brush over the bronzer and it picks up so much product. I even had to tap some off. No biggie. I apply the bronzer in the hallows of my cheeks (as I would normally do). Then I move the brush up and down along the line to blend it out. Tada!!! All done.

Hope this helps your decision if you were thinking about buying it. I love it so much!


  1. Hi There,

    Just wondering in what country this brush in made in as i think i may have purchased a fake, and how can i tell!!!! Your help would be greatly appreciated THANKYOU!!!

    1. I'm sorry it took so long to respond. Something was wrong with my comments. I don't have the box anymore so I don't know where it was made. On the back it has the number 21 on the bottom and on the top it says "2EKUA"... hope this helps.