Saturday, November 9, 2013

Review: Marc Jacobs Beauty Gel Highliner in TH(INK)

I was so excited when I heard Marc Jacobs was coming out with a beauty line. The main product I knew I had to have was the Genius Gel Foundation. You can read my review [here]. Since that was a fail, I returned it and exchanged it for this eyeliner.

This eyeliner is amazing! I chose the color in TH(INK). It's a nice navy blue shade that leans more towards black. It still appears black on the waterline but still gives a nice effect. It's such a subtle difference but I love the way it looks.

This product retails for $25. As of right now, it is sold out and you can only order it at Sephora. This is THE most expensive eyeliner I have ever tried. I think there are similar shades in other lines but I knew I had to try this. I would definitely repurchase this. This shade is amazing and the gel formulation allows it to stay on my waterline all day. I wear this all day at work and it seriously does not budge. Also, the packaging of the product looks amazing. It appears to be heavy in weight but don't be fooled. It's super light! I kind of wish it was weighted… just a little bit… to help with that elegant/expensive feel. Otherwise, it is amazing!

Go out and get it when it comes back in stock! [here]


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