Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NARS x Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Palette (Limited Edition)

NARS Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Palette. Available at Sephora stores (Sold out online) [$65]

NARS x Guy Bourdin

The name of the shades are not on the back. They are however listed on the box.

size comparison to a NARS bronzer in Casino

Typical Nars plastic cover

top row: Devotee, Mistinguette, Orgasm
bottom row: Laguna, Deep Throat, Goulue

Devotee (highlighter)/ Laguna (Bronzer/Contour)

Mistinguette (new shade) / Deep Throat

Orgasm/ Goulue (appears darker in person but in the photo it looks almost like Orgasm)
When Sephora had their VIB 20% sale, I knew I had to pick this up. I have only tried one NARS blush years ago and I honestly don't even remember what shade it was. A couple of years ago NARS did a similar palette but I didn't get it. After hearing all of the rave reviews after it came out, I desperately wanted it. By the time my interest in that palette came about, the palette was already out of stock everywhere. This year I was glad to see NARS do another blush palette. I had to seriously think about it though. The $65 price tag was so intimidating. After lot's of thinking and researching about this palette, I decided to get it. I returned another product from Sephora and used the store credit to get this. I am so glad I did! I'm not usually a blush person but after trying Benefit's Coralista and Benefit's Rockateur, I knew I wanted to expand my blush collection. I am not obsessed.

This palette comes with three permanent shades and three new shades. I've always wanted to try Laguna, Orgasm and Deep Throat so I figure this would be the perfect palette!

All of the shades are 0.4g. That may not seem like a lot but it's a great palette to have all of these shades in. It's not like I'm actually going to use this all up any time soon (i hope).

My favorite shades are Laguna for my contour and Deep throat for blush. All of the shades go well with my MAC NC30 skin tone and the blushes last long on my face. Recently I have been using my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation and the blushes work perfectly on it. All of the shades are beautiful and I highly recommend getting this at a Sephora store. It is now sold out online! I can't believe how quickly it sold out.

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  1. I'm glad that I found your blog where you talk specifically of NC 30!!!! Thanks to you!! I bought this palette too, and liking it very much!! going to buy one for my sister too !! :) ...errr.. if there are any left in store :(

    1. Right!? I love it too! I hope you can find some! It won't hurt to just check :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. Yes, I did find the palette at Sephora store! sending to my sis!! :)

    1. that's awesome! people are trying to sell this on ebay and stuff for a loooooooot of money. glad you found it!!!