Tuesday, December 3, 2013

theBalm- bahama mama bronzer

Found this on amazon.com for about $12

Very pigmented. Use a light hand.

Just saw this on Amazon.com for about $12 and I wanted to try it. Hautelook was selling it for about the same price but it would take forever to come in and I would have to pay for shipping. This was purchased on Amazon + Free shipping. It only took 3-4 days to come in.

The packaging is very cute. It's in a cardboard packaging very similar to Benefit's box blushes. I kind of wish Benefit's blushes were in packaging like this so it's easier to carry around when I travel. It has a magnetic closure which I do like.

This bronzer is very pigmented and is a nice matte contour color. It is so pigmented so be careful and use a light hand with this. Be sure to also blend it out! It can look muddy if not applied correctly (trust me).

Not my all time favorite bronzer but it's nice to try.

I got it [here] I don't get any compensation for sharing where I got it. I just wanted to share :)


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