Thursday, August 21, 2014

Marc Jacobs Beauty Gel Highliner in RO(COCOA)

Marc Jacobs Ro(COCOA)

Just when I ran out of my favorite Marc Jacobs Highliner in TH(INK), my sister got me a new one in a new shade for my birthday (Thanks Sis). The shade she chose was RO(COCOA). It is described as a golden brown. I have never tried a brown eyeliner before so I wasn't sure what to think of it. When I tried it, I immediately fell in love with it! I knew I already loved the Marc Jacobs Highliners.

I have tried the eyeliners in Blacquer, Th(INK) and (Wave)length. There has not been one shade I haven't liked.

They retail for $25 and is sold exclusively at Sephora or on the Marc Jacobs website and stores.

One thing to know about these eyeliners is that they appear black on the waterline, regardless of what color you choose. It has a blackened effect in all of the shades. What's interesting and unique about this shade in particular is that is appears bronze on the waterline and then makes a distinct black line along the bottom lash line. Strange, I know but it has a nice effect on the eye.

This eyeliner lasts all day on the waterline. Marc Jacobs did an amazing job with these eyeliners and I will continue to buy them. They are the only eyeliners I use now on my waterline, simply because it lasts all day. I can trust this eyeliner to stay smudge-free all day until I decide to take it off.

Read my reviews on Blacquer [here] and Th(INK) [here].



Definitely try out these eyeliners! They are my absolute favorite <3


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