Saturday, September 6, 2014

Marc Jacobs Highliner - Bla(quer), Ro(COCOA), Th(INK), Plum(AGE) - Collective Review

Marc by Marc Jacobs Highliner ($25 each at Sephora, Marc Jacob stores, and Marc Jacobs online)

I purchased four colors.





Twist up pencil with a built in pencil sharpener.

Ro(cocoa), Th(ink), Plum(age), Bla(quer)
Retails for $25 each.

Marc Jacobs' highliner pencils are my absolute favorite eyeliner for the waterline. The pencils have a creamy formula that lasts all day. It does not budge or fade away from the waterline. I usually wear this eyeliner on a daily basis. It has replaced all of my eyeliners I had used in the past.

I had collected four colors over the past year. I love each one equally. Although they are different colors, they have a similar factor -- they all appear black or dark on the waterline. I like the fact that the colorful shades give a hint of color but remains to appear black. Some people may complain of it because what's the point of having a colorful eyeliner that doesn't look like the color. To me, it makes a subtle difference that I appreciate.

I will continue to purchase these in the future. I highly recommend these eyeliners if you're looking for an eyeliner with excellent staying power. Trust me, it lasts all day!


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