Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Alexander Wang - Fumo Large Zip-Around Wristlet Photos

Fumo Wristlet - Alexander Wang - Retail: $225 (Neiman Marcus)

Size Comparison to the iPhone 5s.

Black Leather - Rose Gold Hardware

Authenticity Card

This zipper pocket is on both sides.

Love the zipper.

Four slots for cards.

Cards go in vertically. Four main slots for cards. Center I use for cash or extra cards.

I put my iphone in the pocket.

One Stud. So cute!

I have been lusting over anything Alexander Wang for years. At one point, I really wanted to get this wristlet just to hold me over until I can get my dream bag from this designer. On our recent trip to NYC, my boyfriend took me to the Alexander Wang flagship store in SOHO and he got me my dream handbag.  Suddenly, I was on an Alexander Wang high! 

Neiman Marcus had a sale where if you spent $200 or more, you would get $50 off your purchase (the deal has now ended). I knew this was my opportunity to grab the wristlet from Alexander Wang. 

This wristlet is a lot bigger than I thought it was (this is a good thing). I thought it was going to be much smaller. It's just as big as my entire hand and is definitely larger than my iPhone 5s. There is room for four cards. I put my driver's license in one and the remaining three slots are for credit cards. In the center is some cash and misc. cards. 

There is a side pocket on the inside where I keep my phone. I suppose you can keep your phone in the center slot where I kept my cards but I felt that was a little too close to my credit cards. I'm always afraid of my phone demagnetizing my cards.

The leather is beautiful. I loved the pebbled texture. It'll keep it free from scratches. The hardware is in rose gold. My handbag is black with pale gold hardware, but I didn't mind it being different. This wristlet can be used all the time. I can definitely use it on its own without having to carry my bag. 

Along with my cards and cell phone, I can definitely fit my Christian Dior Lip Balm, a few other make up items, and my car keys. 

I am absolutely in love with my new wristlet! 

<3 Lenein